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Hero Security & Surveillance designs security solutions that not only help organizations to enhance the effectiveness of their security operations, but also improve their overall business performance.

Detecting and identifying security threats in real time is one of the most critical challenges facing organizations today. Hero Security & Surveillance has created video and biometrics solutions that identify threats as they occur and automatically alert management of potential breaches. With easy event-driven access, Hero Security & Surveillance enables its users to immediately review events and investigate incidents as fast and effectively as possible.

Hero Security & Surveillance offers a full line of digital video solutions in a user friendly solution platform. Combining superior video compression, high grade video networking, and high-capacity recording, all in one complete system. Hero Security & Surveillance meets the needs of even the most complex installations.

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Surveillance Success

Hero Security & Surveillance's footage leads to arrest of Tehachapi felons

On Tuesday February 17 at 9 PM two men broke into the Tehachapi Witt's office supply store and stole merchandise worth over six hundred dollars.

Hero Security & Surveillance | We offer surveillance cameras, ptz cameras, wdr cameras, offering the highest quality footage for maximum prosecution.Hero Security received a phone call that night from the owner informing us of the crime. We spent several hours locating the footage of the crime and preparing the video for a hand over to the Kern County Sheriff Department that morning.

The Sheriff Department, having reviewed the video footage, was positive about their ability to apprehend these two men since the security footage clearly identified their pre-2000 Subaru Forester and their overall appearance.

On Thursday night at 10 PM we received a phone call that the two men were arrested by the Kern County Sheriff Department. They recognized their vehicle from the surveillance footage and realized the car had neither registration or working tail lights. When the arresting officer mentioned the Witt's robbery, the man admitted to the crime and implicated his fellow accomplice. Both men were on parole and were multiple time felons.

SHero Security & Surveillance | We offer surveillance cameras, ptz cameras, wdr cameras, offering the highest quality footage for maximum prosecution.

We are very happy to have been part of the mechanism which caught and removed these two men from free society. This is a fine example of the power and benefit of quality surveillance.

If this store did not have the foresight to have installed a surveillance video system, these felons would probably never have been caught. You owe it to yourself, your customers, and employees, to add these additional security protections to your business.

Read the news story and see the video footage

Hero Security Nabs Bad Guy in Los Angeles for $250,000 In Inventory

A customer in the Los Angeles area with a large warehouse suspected a long time employee of theft. At first the customer found it hard to believe that this nice fellow would even consider stealing from them but we all know not to judge a book by its cover.

We analyzed a few days of video footage from their digital video recorder which clearly showed that this employee was swiping merchandise from the warehouse daily. We expanded the surveillance search to several weeks of time and to my not-so-much surprise found out that Mr. Nice Guy was robbing our client blind. We informed the customer and showed them the surveillance footage. We recommended they speak to the police and show them the surveillance footage of his daily crimes.

Soon after, our Mr. Nice Guy was picked up and handcuffed and after some intense questioning admitted his culpability. The customer started analyzing their computer records as well and took at very close look at his electronic activity. It became apparent that Mr. Nice Guy had been ordering merchandise and shipping it out to an accomplice for years, and all the while zeroing out his orders. What made this bad situation worse is that this ordering scheme had been going on for more than two years and involved amounts in excess of $250,000.

This sad story backs up the published statistics which show that 49% of inventory shrinkage and business theft is internal. In other words, its coming from trusted employees who in reality are not so trust worthy. I'm not saying you should suspect everyone of robbery. Instead, what we are saying is invest in a video surveillance system because it might just save you from becoming a victim like our client. Have a manager or employee keep an eye on what is going on in the warehouse, and certainly, make sure you examine your surveillance footage from time to time. It might just save you a mint.